vertical gardening

so i love my new house a lot except i can't stand the side of the backyard that has chainlink fence - because i don't like looking into my neighbors' trash filled backyards and alleyways.
so we came up with the idea of creating a vertical garden that would simultaneously cover the space between the yards and double our planting area by hanging canvas and sewing little pockets onto the canvas to plant in. we bought about 8 yards of 60" canvas, 20 eyelets, two big bookbinding needles, and a big ball of twine. we measured the fence and plotted out points on the canvas where we'd install the eyelets to attach the canvas to the fence.
patrick installing the eyelets
glad that cellphones have calculator apps - i'm really no good at math
after installing the eyelets, we drew out a plan to figure out how many pockets we could fit into the canvas. i ended up with 48 6"x6" and 12 6"x8" pockets. we cut 10"x14" and 12"x14" rectangles to leave room for 4" of depth. i folded the pockets into shape, glued, and clamped them so they could dry overnight.
ziggy wanted to help measure
so now i just need to finish sewing all of the pockets onto the canvas - i've finished about 30 so far. it's taking a little longer than i'd planned on to sew all of the pockets onto the canvas and some of our sprouts are starting to get too big for their little eggshells and yogurt containers so i definitely need to hurry it up!