I said YES


After we finished our biggest house project to date - rehabbing our entire backyard - we decided to celebrate by having brunch and a bottle of champagne surrounded by all of our hard work.

And then he asked me to marry him with an uncut diamond ring designed by my friend Angela of Concrete Polish Jewelry.

DIY PROJECT: backyard rehab


Nearly a year after we moved in, we finally started work on our backyard.

HOW TO WIN AT SUMMER: Watermelon Jell-O Shots


I've been working on my jell-o shot game. And it's strong.

It started with mojito jell-o shots in lime wedges, then progressed to strawberry lemonade jell-o shots in lemon wedges. It wasn't long before I saw watermelon jell-o shots and knew that I'd be able to make summer AWESOME.

I used this recipe from Buzzfeed (I know I know, but they got the recipe down!)

Two Years of Summer


Thanks Adam Fram for capturing our last two summers together!