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INSPIRATION: Catskills Cabin


Modern Catskills Cabin Fireplace with Herringbone Tile
Last week Patrick and I took a short trip into the Catskills for a few days. The home we stayed in was beautiful and secluded - the perfect place to enjoy a few days in the woods. With minimal, modern decor and warm cabin-inspired touches, it was a perfect example of a mix of modern and rustic.

SOURCE LIST: My Modern Dressing Room


Modern Dressing Room

I've had a lot of requests about sources for my Modern Dressing Room Renovation - I've pulled together a source list of items I used in this makeover!

BEFORE + AFTER: My Modern Dressing Room


Modern Dressing Room

Making over the last bedroom in our house has been a long process - it took me a long time to decide on a way to build a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe that would give me the much-needed closet space I wanted while still making sure that the room could function as a bedroom - in other words I didn't want to "lose" a bedroom by turning it into a walk-in closet - it needed to be a space that was flexible enough to be a dressing room OR bedroom.

DIY PROJECT: Pax Wardrobe Hack


Pax Wardrobe Hack into Modern Walk-in Closet
Anyone who lives in Philadelphia is familiar with the closet situation here - most of the houses are 100+ years old and either don't have closets or have teeny tiny shallow closets that aren't actually deep enough to hang anything in. I've ended up installing shelves in my shallow closets to create a workspace or shoe shelves in these shallow closets, but needed something that would actually fit hangers!



Modern Furniture with Layered Rugs

I love the look of layered rugs. I wasn't able to try it out until recently when I renovated the last bedroom in our house (coming soon!) - I'd ordered a rug that turned out to be too small and figured that it was the perfect time to give layering a try!

Here's a few more examples of how layering rugs can add more pattern and texture to a space!