THE BIG REVEAL: Our Living Room


I'm so excited that my living room was finally feeling done just in time to submit to Apartment Therapy's Big Reveal Contest! Click through to head to the post on Apartment Therapy!

NORDICA: Kapelluhraun

"I'm so excited for this adventure, the first in a lifetime of adventures together."

NORDICA: Reykjanestá


We climbed over sharp, black lava rocks to watch the waves crashing. A bitter wind followed us as we headed towards the cliffs and up a narrow path to the top, where we could see the little island Eldey, where the seabirds nest.

NORDICA: Seltún + Gunnuhver


The geothermal fields were otherworldly, volatile, and apocalyptic - with soil and mud ranging from white to blue to bright yellow and red, bubbling, boiling, and steaming. The air was thick, and the smell of sulphur overpowering. We tiptoed across the vents and hiked further up and over a moss-covered hill until we were nearly able to see to the coast.