BEFORE + AFTER: My Mustard Master Bedroom Goes Black


Out of all of my house renovations thus far, my master bedroom was a lot less intense than my other projects, but ended up being the one that looks most dramatically different from start-to-finish. Taking this bedroom from mustard yellow to moody and masculine was mainly about cosmetics!

SOURCE LIST: My Mustard Master Bedroom Goes Black


I've pulled together a list of sources for items I used in my master bedroom makeover - everything from paint colors to throw pillows!

INSPIRATION: Hex Tile Mosaics


I'm starting to fall in love with the idea of creating a hex tile floor mosaic. Hexagon tiles offer endless possibilities with color and pattern ranging from classic motifs in black and white to bright and modern designs.

SOURCE LIST: My Guest Bedroom


I've rounded up links to a bunch of furnishings, accessories, and more that I used in my guest room renovation (and tried to hunt down something similar if the exact item is no longer available!)