Before + After: A Home Office Makeover with Space for Two

My friends Mike and Kate have one of my favorite homes - it's a rehabbed rowhome in South Philly with plenty of character, lots of light, and space for a home office. They both need a place to work at home - Kate spends a lot of her time working remotely and Mike needs a place for photo and video editing - but over time their home office became filled with stuff and nowhere to store it!

All we needed for this home office makeover was a custom desk to turn a cluttered catch-all room into a bright and airy study!

Inspiration: Hexagon Tile Mosaic Template

Hexagon Tile Patterned Rug
I've been working on some ideas for mosaic tile designs for the day that I tile my kitchen. I first fell in love with the idea of creating a "tiled rug" after seeing some amazing hexagon tile patterns.

I ended up creating a hexagon tile template so that I could create my own hex tile designs. Unsurprisingly, I'm leaning towards a black and white design, but I've seen some beautiful examples of patterns with plenty of color as well.

Here's a few of my favorite patterns along with some blank mosaic tile templates to make your own custom hex tile design!

House Tour: Deanna's Former Church Rectory

Fishtown Studio with Vintage Vibes

I've always been inspired by my friends Deanna and Jessie - they live in a gorgeous studio in a former rectory in Fishtown, Phila where they've created a home filled with vintage treasures, handmade pieces, and two orange cats.

Inspiration: Powder Room Ideas

I've been planning on (eventually) putting a powder room in on the first floor of our house. It would have to be small and simple in order to fit into the mudroom behind the kitchen. I'll still need to save up to tile the kitchen and mudroom before we can start actually planning (I'm hoping to do a mosaic hex tile floor) but I've been starting to pull inspiration and materials for when the time comes!

House Tour: A Contemporary Catskills Cabin

Modern Catskills Cabin Fireplace with Herringbone Tile
Last week Patrick and I took a short trip into the Catskills for a few days. The home we stayed in was beautiful and secluded - the perfect place to enjoy a few days in the woods. With minimal, modern decor and warm cabin-inspired touches, it was a perfect example of a mix of modern and rustic.