DIY Project: Turning Old Mirrors into Chalkboards

I've gotten to the point of unpacking my many "stuff" boxes since moving. I had a pretty awesome collection of ornate-looking mirrors but I didn't really know what to do with them in the new space.

I decided to turn my mirrors into chalkboards to keep our schedules, grocery list, and a to-do list!

I sprayed the frames and the mirrors with white spray paint. In retrospect, I would have also sanded the mirror-surface to help rough it up before painting - chalkboard paint is latex so it needs a surface to cling to - but mine still turned out more than okay!

Once the mirrors and frames were coated and dry, I taped off the edges and painted on the first coat of chalkboard paint with a brush. 24 hours later I painted on the second coat with a foam brush to keep the paint surface smooth.

Now they're up and looking great!