Before + After: Kitchen Rehab with Dining Nook

It's been 1 year and 2 months since we moved into our home, and I'm excited to say that our kitchen and living room are finally done! It's been a lot of work, a lot of it cosmetic, most of it DIY, and a LOT of white paint.

I can't believe how different it looks from when we first moved in. Luckily, I have the listing photos of how the house looked when we bought it!

The main issue with our house was that it was UGLY. I mean it looked like they bought all the sale paint at Lowe's and just went to town on every room. There was poor use of space and nothing was well-maintained. Luckily for us, the bones of our house are great - it just needed a lot of elbow grease. I feel like I always able to visualize how I wanted it to look, which was really helpful motivation throughout the year.

The list of projects is long, but some of the main projects were: repainting the walls, ceilings, trim, and cabinets; painting the cabinet hardware, replacing the kitchen backsplash (a project I completed after teaching myself how to tile on my mantle and vestibule); removing the blinds and frosting the window glass to let in all of the natural light that was being blocked out; floating whitewashed maple boards throughout the kitchen and mudroom; building a breakfast nook; building an industrial shelving unit; and a ridiculous amount of cleaning, like sanding down the butcher block countertops and replacing the oven's insulation.

We're planning on taking a break from house projects for a few months to enjoy our hard work and finally let our friends inside, and next year we're hoping to install a deck in the backyard, build a workshop in the basement, and rewire the house. But for now I'll just enjoy making breakfast.