House Tour: An Airy, Contemporary Catskills Cabin

Modern Catskills Cabin Fireplace with Herringbone Tile
Last week Patrick and I took a short trip into the Catskills for a few days. The home we stayed in was beautiful and secluded - the perfect place to enjoy a few days in the woods. With minimal, modern decor and warm cabin-inspired touches, it was a perfect example of a mix of modern and rustic.

Modern Catskills Cabin Decor Inspiration

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Inspiration
Catskills Cabin Bedroom with Patterned Rug
Catskills Cabin Bedroom Vintage Desk
Catskills Cabin Bedroom with Pendleton Throw
Modern Cabin Bedroom Decor with Fur Throws

Minimal Catskills Cabin Bedroom with Roorkhee Chair

You can rent this Catskills cabin on AirBnB!

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