DIY Project: How to Make an Industrial Pulley Pendant Light

Since the moment I moved into my new house I've been trying to find the perfect idea for our living room. Without any overhead ceiling fixtures, I decided to make an wood pulley pendant lamp.

It's perfect because it requires no hardwiring - just access to an outlet and a hook to hang the pulley from. I also love that you can easily adjust the light to whatever height you prefer. Read on to learn how to make your own!

Materials for an Industrial Pulley Pendant Light:

  • Vintage Pulley or Block and Tackle
  • Large Hook or Ceiling Hanging Hardware
  • Small Hook (to hold your cord in place)
  • Cord Kit
  • Edison Lightbulb

How to Make a Pulley Pendant Light:

  • Clean and Paint Your Pulley
I bought my pulley on eBay - when it arrived it definitely needed a little love. You can keep yours as worn as you'd like but I taped off the wood and painted the metal black. After the paint had dried I cleaned and waxed the wood pulley.

  • Install hook or hanging hardware into your ceiling
If you can locate a support beam, this is the safest way to hang your light. Because we have a plaster ceiling its difficult to locate the beams, so we used a screw anchor to hang our pulley. You can also use rope between your pulley and ceiling hook to add more texture.

  • Pull your cord through the pulley
  • Adjust to your desired height
You can find cord kits in all kinds of colors, patterns, and fabrications. I think it's best to get a cord kit with extra length so you can adjust the light's height easily.
  • Loop the end of the cord over the hook and plug in
  • Screw in your lightbulb
You're done! I love this project since it's so easy but really makes a statement!

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