DIY Project: Industrial Pulley Lamp

via Photonic Studio
Since the moment I moved into my new house I've been trying to find the perfect idea for our living room. Without any overhead lighting, I searched through torchieres and floor lamps, spotlights and chandeliers until I settled on this DIY for a pulley lamp.

I stumbled across this particular light via PhotonicStudio's Etsy, and fell in love.

It's perfect because it requires no hardwiring - just access to an outlet and a support beam to hang the pulley from. I also love that you can easily adjust the light to whatever height you prefer.

For this DIY you'll need to find a pulley or block and tackle. I actually found the exact pulley that was in my inspiration photo on Etsy, but you can find hundreds of different styles of pulleys by scouring flea markets or combing through Ebay or Etsy.

+ Pulley
+ Ceiling Hardware
+ Small Hook (to hold your cord in place)
+ Cord Kit
+ Lightbulb

You can find cord kits in all kinds of colors, patterns, and fabrications.

There are hundreds of different options for lightbulbs, from Edison bulbs, to Plumen bulbs, or even caged lightbulbs would look great in this project - it's very easy to give this fixture a look that would suit any decor.

Below, L-R: Plumen lightbulb via Plumen, Edison bulb via Schoolhouse Electric & Supply, Wire Bulb Cage via ShadesofLight