eggshell seed starters and vertical garden pt. 2

broccoli sprout in an eggshell starter
the first part of my vertical garden is up and growing! i had a little trouble at first (we needed to add more eyelets and zip ties to space out the weight) but i'm excited that everything is finally planted! we have the top few rows of lettuce planted - some of them are already big enough to poke out from the top!
(via patrickblake)
i'm using these 6"x6"x4" pockets for lettuce and spinach
and i planted zucchini, squash, and cucumbers in the 6"x8"x4" pockets
it was taking longer than i'd planned to get the canvas up so i had even started giving away some of the bigger seedlings that looked like they didn't want to wait any longer to get planted. so i started another tray of seeds - i've planted about half of them already and now i'm just waiting for the other half to sprout!

i like to start seeds in rinsed out eggshell halves in old egg cartons. it's a good way to reuse the cartons, they're the perfect size, everything stays neat, and once the seeds are big enough to transplant all you need to do is pick up the eggshell and crack it apart enough the the roots can eventually break through. it's much easier than trying to spoon out seedlings and worry about cutting the roots.

for the left side of the vertical garden pockets i started three types of lettuce (bibb, vivian, and a musclun mix) and spinach. i planted zucchini, squash, and cucumbers in the large pockets, and i'm putting scallions and broccoli in the pockets on the right side.