backyard update

our plants are all starting to get super big. the peas are about a foot high and we've had to keep adding nails on the pallet to give them something to grab onto while they climb. the zucchini and squash in the planter are sending out vines so i'm trying to figure out the best way for them to climb around without suffocating the peas or any of the other plants.

the carrots are starting to get little tops and the snap beans are so big that we're trying to decide how to let them grow without shading the carrots from the sun. and, best of all, patrick planted a jade plant into a darth vader head and a spider plant into a millenium falcon toy that he's going to hang from the ceiling in our star wars media room.
snap peas, squash, and cucumbers
(clockwise from top left: strawberries, habaneros, hens and chicks, lavender, bell peppers, jalapenos)
our blackberry plant started climbing up an old fishing pole like crazy
cherry tomatoes planted upside-down in a paint can
little carrot tops
darth jade-er and the millenium falcon!