DIY PROJECT: Upside-Down Planters

I've always like the concept and aesthetic of upside down planters - they free up space and the plant uses less energy trying to hold itself up. I just finished my first upside-down planter and plan on making several more!

All you need is an empty can, an old towel, and some twine or string. for herbs i'm using a very large aluminum can. when i start planting  strawberries, i'm planning on using paint cans.

First, cut a circle in the bottom of the can with a knife and a hammer. Bend the sharp edges inside the can with the hammer. Then you just need to poke three or four holes around the top (the open end) so that you can hang the planter. I painted my can with some white spraypaint but wrapping fabric or old wallpaper would be a a great idea as well.

Cut a small hole in a piece of old towel. This hole's size is dependent on what kind of plant you're using, because the leaves/flowers/fruits need to be pulled through the hole. The towel is going to keep the soil from spilling out from the can. I just pressed the towel into the bottom but you could probably glue it in if you're worried about it moving. Once the plant is pulled through the towel at the bottom of the can, pat down the soil so it's nice and firm. String your twine through the holes in the top and hang!