pipe and flange

we had a super busy weekend at the house - we finally hung up our bikes and built a closet for our room. i also hung up my little antlers to hold my necklaces. i've already found a little frame to use for my earrings - i just need to buy some screen to glue inside the frame for them to hang on.
our house has classic philadelphia closets - they're so shallow that you can't even use hangers in them. we ended up filling the closet with shelves (for folded clothes like jeans and shorts) and decided to build a unit to hang the rest of our clothes on. we ended up using pipe and flange - it extends from floor to ceiling and has two 60" horizontal bars for hanging. i'm going to take more pictures once i've gotten everything hung and organized.
we also used pipe and flange to hang our bikes. our longest wall was still too short for both bikes to hang horizontally, so they're both hanging at an angle. it's a little weird, but once we've put in a few shelves in the empty wall space i think they'll look much better.