frosted window diy

i've always liked frosted window glass - privacy when living in the city is definitely high on my list of priorities. and i love the idea of using natural light to turn a window into a giant soft box. unfortunately, frosted window film is significantly more expensive than i thought it would be. luckily, patrick is way better than i am at thinking of ways to use the items available to him for projects. and so, using an extra roll of glassine and some white glue, we were able to frost all of the windows in our house for free.
first he painted a thin line of white glue around the edges of the window (white glue is easily removable with hot water) before carefully spreading the glassine over the glass. once flat, he used an x-acto blade to remove the extra paper from around the glass. and voila! frosted windows!  they let in all of the natural light while keeping the inside of the house safe from prying eyes.