INSPIRATION: camera collection displays

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over the years i've collected quite a few cameras, and from what patrick tells me he has about as many as i have stowed away in boxes. so i've been thinking a lot how we're going to find the room to combine and display our collection when i move back to philly. i feel like we have too many too just throw them on shelves. i really love the refurbished mail sorter for smaller cameras, brownies and the like. maybe we'll end up organizing all the cameras by type or year and displaying them in separate places. it's going to be a fun project regardless.
displaying smaller amounts on vertical shelves (via rentedcottagelife, unknown)
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"framing" the cameras (via apartmenttherapy)
the top shelves of a bookcase and a refurbished mail sorter (via kaylovesvintage, thewrighthouse)
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