bloodmilk by jl schnabel

speaking of jewelry i love, i realized i haven't yet posted any of my dear friend jess's work. bloodmilk is some of the most beautiful jewelry i've ever seen. in fact, up until i met jess, i didn't think that there was such a thing as jewelry so dark and haunting. i even had the honor of photographing a line of her work before i moved. getting to handle and try on all of her pieces while shooting was the most fun i've had in a looooong time...but by the end of the day i wished i was taking everything with me! i can't wait to move back to philly and see if i can get her to make another pair of lovely shoulder-grazing tooth earrings like the ones below! see more of her work at bloodmilk at etsy.
blood and thistle sterling silver ring.
bear tooth engagement ring.
the prophet. sterling owl claw.
sterling sparrow claw and chain earrings.

the underworld. 2 finger owl skull ring.

sparrow claw conjoined ring.
bear tooth earrings.
sparrow claw ritual.
 (jewelry via bloodmilkbyjlschnabel, images via christinabrown)