the franz kafka museum

visiting the franz kafka museum was the first thing i wanted to do once i had arrived in prague. the museum is very strange, and contains a great number of his diaries, rough drafts of stories, and even old work documents from when he had been holding odd jobs. there is even a section of the museum dedicated to the women in his life, and video installations run throughout the entire museum. unfortunately for me, there were some german schoolkids that were all over the place and made it a little hard for me to think so i didn't spend as much time as i'd have liked to. but it was a great visit regardless.
the "city of K"
some of franz kafka's diary entries
the statues outside of the museum were really strange! their hips swiveled back and forth so that they could "draw" shapes into the water. someone had told me that there was a number that you could text to tell them what to "write", but i couldn't find a number when i arrived.