green week in instagram

i'm unbelievably excited that by saturday morning my backyard will be finished and i will be the proud owner of a philadelphia oasis!
all that's left is picking up the patio furniture i picked out, putting up the remaining bamboo fence, and lighting the citronella lamps!

we finally made the move of thirty of our little cacti into the glass box we built out of old windows, planted all of our herbs
and veggies (tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers), moved the agave plant, lemon tree, and blackberry bush into a sunny corner,
and i'm rounding out the rest of the free space with sunflowers, chinese lanterns, and love-lies-bleeding.

we have a few spare glass vessels that i'd like to make into terrariums - one of which i'm going to make into a home for a venus fly trap!
i also bought a mess of wildflowers seeds and 5 lbs. of red clay that i plan on making seedbombs with -
so look out patches of empty dirt in fishtown!

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