upcycling old crates into garden planters

patrick had a few old wooden crates that he'd saved (we're making one into a table) and after a quick trip to ikea's as-is section, we'd found two more shelves/trays/drawers to use as planters. using an old shower curtain liner and a staple gun, we lined the boxes to prevent their bottoms from rotting out with water damage. but we did poke a few holes in the curtain to allow drainage.

we planted peas, squash, and cucumbers in the first crate because their seedlings were already starting to look like champions after only a few days of planting
i planted red onions in the largest tray. even though i filled the tray we still had a lot of leftover onion bulbs - if anyone lives in the philadelphia area and would like 10-15 onion sprouts i'd love for them to go to a good home!