free spirit summer bags

Even though it's still raining and 40 degrees here, I'm still convinced that summer is just around the corner, and lately I've been getting more and more into rucksacks and medicine bags in bright southwestern prints (perfect for beach adventures and road trips). here are a few of my latest bookmarks.
vintage southwestern bucket bag via etsy
handstitched deerhide medicine bag via etsy
vintage ikat drawstring backpack via etsy
tall seneca bag via etsy
vintage southwestern bag via etsy
handmade leather medicine bags via etsy
vintage blanket rucksack via etsy
and my personal favorite, from spelldesigns, these bone and tassel bags have gorgeous bead and hairpipe embellishments and a long fringe. they're beautiful in every color. AND if you enter GYPSY into the coupon section at checkout you receive 15% off store-wide. i guess the only problem i'm having is whether to get black or tan!
tan bone and tassel bag via spelldesigns
cream bone and tassel bag via spelldesigns
black bone and tassel bag via spelldesigns

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  1. is it possible to buy these bags? please answere :)