sometimes dreams do come true

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a few months ago i fell in love with the pendleton jerome weekender bag. it was the it bag of 2010 but i didn't really like it until they were all gone. then i loved it. needed it. a week or so ago, urban outfitters got in a pendleton overnighter bag, same bag, but with the backside of the fabric vertically oriented. so i ordered it. i mean, it's close enough, right?
urban outfitters' pendleton overnighter bag. cute, similar, but not the one i reeeeally wanted (via urbanoutfitters)
my pendleton bag arrived today and upon opening it i realized that i was not sent the bag that i ordered.

i was sent the bag that i thought was sold out. the one that i wanted. the one that was gone. and i mean gone. GONE. gone like asos had a few that they were selling for like $400 and those are gone too. and i have it. right now. sitting on my bed. plastic still over the handles.

and so, i can safely say that dreams do come true. and best day ever.
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