diy studded knife block (via wanderlust)

i cannot even begin to tell you how many studded black leather jackets and band patch covered jeans (sewn with dental floss, no less) and studded belts i owned in highschool. there were many times where i threw out anything in my closet that wasn't black. i am a goth child at heart. but i've gained a handful of years and now i let my love of all things black and shiny subtly influence my personal style as oppose to strangling it. seeing a tongue in cheek use of leather and pyramid studs is a great way for me to relive all of those crass and aus rotten shows without smelling like beer and cigarettes. love it.
i did the same free-people diy a few years back and wish i'd kept them (via fashiontoast)

(via oxfordhea)
(via wanderlust)
coop wood bottom sandal (via urbanoutfitters)
studded lapel diy (via maisondesreveries)
pyramid stud ring (via andrea0503)
love this leather sleeved trench (via ebay)
leather cross-strap sandal (via urbanoutfitters)

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