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i love terrariums. succulents and the like are so easy to take care of and you can plant them in just about anything.

i really like the idea of using thrifted liquor glasses, because you can get handfuls of them for nothing at thrift stores (left) and a bunch of them would look super cute in a bathroom. you probably wouldn't even need to water them because they might get enough from a little shower steam every day.

i also love the moss bath mat design by nguyen la chanh, using an imputrescible foam called plastazote and several different types of moss, the mat is watered as you drip dry from a bath or shower.

it would probably be a really cool diy but the foam might be difficult to get in a small quantity...maybe using some sort of plastic instead?
moss bathmat (via nguyenlachanh)
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light bulb terrarium (via incrediblethings)
succulent terrarium diy (via projectwedding)

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