kitchen pegboards

julia child's pegboard is a thing of legend. it popularized a sort of organized mess and, in some sense, was julia's way of opening herself to her viewers. her pegboard showed people that she was using the same equipment that everyone has. it's also a design-savvy way to use vertical space and keep the items you use within arm's reach. of all the diy projects i plan for my future kitchen, this is one that is happening no matter what.

(via 2ndfloorliving)
i love the use of baskets for smaller, loose kichen utensils like whisks (via marthastewartliving, unknown)
displaying two takes on the same kitchen (via 2ndfloorliving)
(via apartmenttherapy, theestateofthings)
(via thekitchn, flickr)
the image on the right is really a very bright grey, with subtle white outlines beneath as a "placement guide", as opposed to hand-drawn outlines. brilliant. (via alchemyjunk)

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