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lately i've been really into the idea of using old, refurbished wood and chalkboard paint in an apartment. in my last rowhome, my roommate and i had bought a can of chalkboard paint to use on the crummy party bathroom (the tiny one that was awkwardly located in the kitchen) but never got around to it. since then i've been itching for an excuse to use chalkboard paint. the only problem is that it can easily become too overwhelming. which is bad news for me because i like it on just about anything. here's a few uses for chalkboard paint (it's hard to choose just one) and various diys i've been looking at over the past week.
(via designsponge, re-nest)
twig pushpin diy (via designsponge)
chalkboard paint labels for jars (via re-nest)
diy paper frames (via designsponge)
(via abeachcottage, designsponge)
this old wooden ladder was hung from chains to create a pot rack. (via re-nest)
for those of us who still can't go anywhere without collecting "treasures" (patrick and me, for example) a designated board for your rotating collections (via designsponge)
this diy chalkboard would look great in a kitchen! (via ruffled)
diy wood cake stand (via oncewed)
natural wood stools/endtables are made modern with a little white paint (via curbly)

(via apartmenttherapy)
refurbished chalkboard door and chalkboard painted herb pots (via birdhouseinteriors, idoityourself)

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