stuff i love

this useful little apron has measurements and conversions for just about anything - so that you won't get frustrated like i do when i'm trying to convert cups to grams!
(via john caswell)

these little trompe-l'œil "toast trivets" are simple, super cute, and made of cork. i think they'd be a pretty simple diy for someone with a steady hand!

(via patricia knaves)
these homemade journals by laura west are simply beautiful. they make me want to get back into bookbinding again - maybe i can make notebooks to keep my recipes in!
(via laura west)
the stacks of ceramic coils in these lamps make them look like little beehives!
(via planet furniture)
these hardwood cutting boards, trays, and coasters are made from fallen trees and sealed so that they're food safe and moisture resistant. they're no longer available, but if you have a particularly awesome man in your life, i'd beg him to help you make a diy version!
(via joel, minnesota)
(via anthropologie)

these little salt and pepper shakers from anthropologie are SO cute! they come in varying shapes and sizes (i like the ones pictured) and are only $7.95! unfortunately they're not available in the online store any more - but they might still have them in stores if you're lucky! it's too bad the anthro near me is soooooo far away!


  1. you are crafty enough to make these...1 hacksaw 1 tiny drill bit. 1 bit to bore a hole... 2 plastic salt and pepper shakers and some glue.

  2. the only thing that i would worry about if i tried to make them myself is the bark - that's the part that i like most and i'd be afraid that the bark would flake off. i suppose it depends on the type of wood that you use as well. also the only tools i own are bike tools haha.