i love messy hair

i love messy hairstyles. braids, knots, buns, you name it. as long as it's messy. and as my hair is starting to inch past my shoulders for the first time in years (after growing out years of hair dye, extensions, and shaving steps into the sides of my head) i'm already getting excited about all of the long, flowy hair i'm going to have next summer!
double knot (via hanneli)
very romantic fishtailed bun (couldn't find an original link - get at me if you have one)
fishtail and classic braid updos (via hairfinder, couldn't find original link)
i LOVE these multiple fishtail plaits (from giles s/s 08 )
fishtail side braid, curled updo, and a really cool take on the classic ponytail (on diane kruger at the cannes film festival, via orlando pita at carolina herrera s/s 10, couldn't find original link for last image)
this is the hair i've been dreaming about (via haironthebrain)

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